ART PROJECT-TECHNOLOGY LLC — modern stage technology.

We carry out complex projects of complete stage technological equipment and ensure the distribution of professional stage equipment.

We offer delivery of furniture for theaters and cinemas, as well as exclusive models of foreign production.

Golden Age Treasures Theater (Prague, Czech Republic)

 Klenoty zlatého věku
 Czech Republic, Prague, Jiří of Podebrady Square, 1685/7
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  • ART PROJECT-TECHNOLOGY - modern stage technologies

Opera Potsdam

 Oper der Stadt Potsdam
 Hegelallee, 8, Potsdam, Brandenburg
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  • ART PROJECT-TECHNOLOGY - modern stage technologies

Mighty Concert Hall, Toulouse, Spain

 Sala de Conciertos El Poderoso
 Rue de la Gravette, 53, Toulouse, D.C. Toulouse, Haute Garonne, Occitania
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  • ART PROJECT-TECHNOLOGY - modern stage technologies


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  • Clay Paky is an Italian manufacturer of professional lighting systems for the entertainment industry (theater, stage, television and concert lighting, lighting for nightclubs and outdoor events), as well as solutions for architectural lighting.
  • The company office is located 40 km from Milan. There are also research laboratories, production plants, quality control, sales and administration departments.
  • Clay Paky exports 95% of its products through a global sales and service organization represented by a dealer network operating in more than 80 countries. Clay Paky lighting systems are recognized by the world's leading lighting artists and lighting designers.
  • Company ART PROJECT-TECHNOLOGY LLC offers the supply of lighting equipment Clay Paky: spotlights tracking light, full-circle spotlights, linear lights and other lighting fixtures for various purposes.


  • ART PROJECT-TECHNOLOGY LLC sells and supplies light and sound equipment
  • We offer to supply stage machinery: mechanisms for intermission curtains, lifting mechanisms and other stage structures
  • We perform assembling of the equipment, mechanisms and accessories of the stage, we fulfill starting-up and adjustment operations, as well as routine preventive and routine maintenance of the equipment
  • We provide manufacture and delivery of stage clothing, stage coverings, materials and fabrics, including theatrical (spectator) chairs
  • We realize the concepts of reconstruction and scenic equipment, and we develop and coordinate the project documentation
  • American company Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC) is a manufacturer of professional lighting equipment, stage mechanics and suspended stage structures.
  • For more than 40 years the ETC company has been producing stage equipment systems, starting with a small group of student inventors. Now the products of the international company annually collects many awards in the field of stage technology.
  • ETC has offices in Mazomani, New York, Hollywood, Orlando, Hong Kong, Copenhagen, Ede (Netherlands), Rome, London, Berlin and Holzkirchen (Germany). ETC employs about 900 people.
  • Thanks to the quality of products and developed technical service system ETC company has earned an excellent reputation worldwide. ART PROJECT-TECHNOLOGY LLC offers delivery of Electronic Theatre Controls technological systems to Uzbekistan.
  • ADB was founded in Belgium in 1920 by Adrien De Backer. ADB was a family business until 1987, when it was acquired by the SIEMENS Group.
  • In 2016, OSRAM acquires ADB TTV SAS, which becomes part of OSRAM's subsidiary, Clay Paky.
  • ADB manufactures spotlights, dimmers and lighting control systems. The products are sold worldwide through a network of qualified independent distributors.
  • ADB is a colossal experience in professional stage and studio lighting. ART PROJECT-TECHNOLOGY LLC company will supply equipment to Uzbekistan.


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